Zaynab Issa

Laced With Leather

Zaynab Issa
Laced With Leather

I've always loved leather; it's effortlessly edgy. But... sometimes it can be too edgy. Before this pair, the only other leather pants I owned were some simple ones from H&M that had no detailing. In fact, they're basically black denim with leather panels on the front only. When I saw this pair at Zara with the metal detailing I was like, "Woah these are intense, and I love them."  To combat the edgy intensity of this pant, I wore a pale grey sweater with a wide lace border. Using feminine accents like lace, chiffon, or even suede can be a great way to tone down the harshness of leather. 

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Leather Pants - ZARA

Sweater - ZARA

Turtleneck - UNIQLO


Coat- F21

Sunglasses - MARC JACOBS

Necklace- F21

Boots- ZARA


Photographer Syed Yaqeen | | @syedyaqeen